NCAAW Preview: Detroit Titans at Ohio State

WHO: Detroit Titans at Ohio State Womens

WHERE: Columbus, Ohio

WHEN: Friday, February 7 at 7:00 pm ET


Always known to be an athletic powerhouse has stood the Ohio State Buckeyes. Women’s lacrosse is accelerating in growth, therefore Ohio State obviously has a team.

Though the Buckeye women are a young team they are led by six seniors:

#7 Morgan Obendorfer, Defense

#11 Katie Chase, Attack

#22 Cara Facchina, Midfield

#24 Tayler Kuzma, Defense

#28 Kaila Gottlick, Midfield

#33 Heather Gravinese, Defense

Cara Ficchina was a real leader with 27 goals and 26 assists on the 2013 season. Starting all eight games, she took control of the transition game and created opportunities for the Buckeyes on offense.

Despite an average record of 8-10 last season, Ohio State had 10 away games. In 2014, they only have seven with 10 home games.

The 2014 roster is young with mostly freshmen and sophomores. However, most of them come from similar areas, bringing together a potential natural, common style and game. Later into the schedule is when the girls will truly face some tests, playing Oregon, Penn State, Notre Dame, and Johns Hopkins. Hopefully, the team establishes momentum early in the season and carries it with them throughout.


Luckily for the Titanesses (I made it up) their schedule is more easy-going. It should not go unstated that the competition for them in 2014 is consistent, but a bit easier.

Playing Ohio State and Louisville to kick off the season, Detroit may likely run into some road bumps. However, the toughest of the competition will be out of the way and leave room for vast success.

Marquette, Robert Morris, Delaware State, and Duquesne are among the teams they’ll go up against.

The disadvantage Detroit faces is coming off a 2013 season with the record of 5-14 combined with having a very young team. Only one senior, who is redshirted, and the vast majority freshmen and sophomores. It seems as though they are rebuilding the team and re-establishing their competing abilities.


Both Ohio State and Detroit have young teams, but Ohio State does have seven seniors. The Buckeyes are accustomed to a conference of bigger competition. The game is also home for Ohio, and the sheer size of the building is intimidating on its own.

I predict:

Ohio State    20

Detroit           6