Offseason Check In: New England Region

It’s that time of year again. The foliage is back, the brisk air sways it’s way in, and fall lacrosse is in action. We are finally starting to get some of our questions answered here in New England. Whether that be the 2015 surprises or who may even drop off the map.

Starting in the southern portion of the map, I will keep a close eye here on Yale. The Bulldogs have brought in the second most leading scorer in the state of New York this year with Ben Reeves. We will soon see, possibly, how much time Reeves will be getting on the field. The Dogs will be playing in a tough Ivy League standoff this year however. And the additionof Reeves can be crucial to Yale’s success.

In the middle of New England I can focus on two Massachusetts squads. One being UMass Lowell, who recently played in their fall ball tourneys. Although the River Hawks did not come away with the victory, they have a base to revolve around in their young core. Lowell is under their first year, starting at the Division I level. It will be a tough year for them but I expect them to compete.

Also keep an eye out for the Terriers from Boston University. The team that struggles might be turning around this year. Possibly because they are looking at a fairly balanced roster. In some cases, a balanced roster can help some teams. Nobody really stands out on the statistics but they are my surprise team to look at as they enter fall ball play in New Haven on October 26. Also, Harvard will step up once again this season but it will be interesting to see them against a rising Yale opponent.