Penn State Overcasting Adversity

This year for any Penn State athelete and or student was horrific. They had to watch their once prestigious school go from fame to shame.They had to observe what coaches could do when they had power and watch how the media could overcast a dark shadow over the school.

Last year Penn State went 7-7 and lost to Navy.Last year they had put on a clinic outlasting their opponents and literally beaten them to a pulp.The Lions had the 11th hardest schedule in the nation. Only 7 teams had more schedules that were harder than the Lions.

Even though last year the team played up to their standards, most have figured out that the Lions will be the team to beat. Their coaches stresses about their defense. They need to be more discipline and attack, attack, attack on the offensive end.

This year they recruited more players to help them with all aspects of their positions  They have experience, with senior Jack Forster guiding these young players they will get they energy they need.The coach is excited about what this year could bring.They have an offense, that is well on its way to contend this year. We are all excited to see the Lions survive the negativity that has been surrounding this school.