Wings Roster Nearly Set Heading Into Camp

No NHL?…Football team stinking up the place? NBA is ok… don’t worry… NLL Camps open in three weeks. Our boys come to play for the love of the game, not the almighty dollar.

As year two begins under Johnny Mouradian as head coach, returning Wings players must remember to come into camp in shape and the rookies and free agents, be ready to sweat, hit, and sweat some more. Everyone needs to obviously bring there A+ game when camp opens on Dec.1st The draft was very deep this year as we have already seen teams like the Bandits go young and release solid veteran players (Ian Llord & Tom Montour..both signed by Knighthawks), expect the same throughout all the camps in December. As some players will get released, they may be picked up by other teams. It’s a vicious circle. So if you want to stay, give it your all.

26 players make the team. 23 active roster, 3 Practice Squad. You dress 20 a game, 18 runners, 2 goalies

Returning veteran Wings players, Westervelt, Dan Dawson, Merrill, Crowley, Mundorf, etc will obviously still be here. Players that may have been on the bubble the last 2 seasons or even some of the younger defensemen may have to look over there shoulder especially if a seasoned vet gets released from another team. As I said last week.. “The Time is NOW”. The Wings roster has an average age of 25 yrs 9 months. Merrill (31), Miller (33) and Dan Dawson (31 on 12/11) & Alrich (31) are the oldest returning players. Am I saying 31 is old? NO. But when your body takes and dishes out a pounding in the NLL it will age you. When you look at the Wings roster (attached), remember this is only my prediction prior to camp starting. Players on the IR list should be over there injuries and be cleared to start when camp does except for maybe Eric Hoffman who missed most of 2012 season due to a knee injury. Hoffman should be good to go by mid-December barring any set-backs. When he does return, watch out, this kid is big and strong.

Are the players chomping at the bit, are the hungry for NLL action, and to get back to reclaiming “The Jungle”? Well for those who follow the Wings and the players on Twitter all know that answer… Yes! Are they upset at how the season ended last year? Yup. There wasn’t one player or coach who I talked to after the game that wasn’t apologetic. They know they are better then what the 7-9 record showed and vowed for a turn around in 2013. “

Wings fans may be wondering…Where’s Tommy Hajek (retired) now Asst Coach. Taylor Wray? I believe his status may depend on the schedule of the St Joes Hawks lax Schedule as Taylor is the Head Coach. Big names like Stephen Peyser (6’1 215lbs) would be a huge help this season & Kyle Wailes who is on the Physically Unable to Perform list. This is one that I am baffled on, Kyle played in 07, missed 08 season due to Visa problems, returned to play in 09 and signed a 4yr deal. We haven’t seen or heard from him since the end of 2009 season. Will there be more changes to the roster? Will it stay the same? Only time will tell…As camp gets closer and even during camp keep checking here for updates, releases etc..

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