Stone Blog: Big Win Over Kentucky

Things are starting to come together for the Rockhoppers, and there are exciting times ahead. We entered the season knowing that we have a team that can excel against any team in the NALL athletically, but we lack indoor lacrosse experience and knew there was a lot to learn.

It is amazing to me how different the indoor and outdoor games are in terms of positions, strategy, movements, and skills. I had a wake up call when joining the Boston Blazers in 2009, realizing that my outdoor experience wouldn’t exactly translate to the indoor game. Many players on the Rockhoppers are also new to indoor lacrosse and we’re taking it as a fun challenge to learn the game and begin playing effectively.

With our athleticism and willingness to learn I think we will be a dangerous team as the season progresses and we have more time to develop indoor skills and build chemistry. Players are showing up to practice eager to improve, and I’m impressed by the overall competitive nature of our players and our desire to win as a team.

It can be tough to generate camaraderie when you don’t get much time together, but we have an unselfish and motivated group that loves having fun on the lacrosse field, making it easier to build chemistry and gel as a team. Now if we can only start shooting a little better we could become real contenders to win the first NALL Championship!