Talbot Blog: New England Matchup Leads to Boston Win

Last weekend we faced the Rhode Island Kingfish in our first matchup of the season. I was a little nervous about facing this team for two particular reasons. First of all, they had not win a game yet this season, but all their losses were in close games where they had fought until the end.

I think every team in the NALL is capable of winning against anyone. Also, many of their players had family and friends in the stands which made for an unbelievable ambiance at the Sports center. It’s great to see so many fans at the games!

My second reason why I was a little nervous about playing against the Kingfish is that I know a lot of players on this team.  Not only do I know them but we play together for the Voyageurs during the summer.

I know what these guys are capable of! I played the first half of the game which ended up 6-1 in our favor. It always feels good to allow only one goal but I think the real star of the first half was the Kingfish’s goaltender, Joe Evans.

This week is our week off which means that I will be back with a blog in two weeks.  In the mean time you can go to the CLax section of this site and read Scotty Komer’s blog which is much more amusing then mine and contains special effects.