What is the Future of Big East Lacrosse?

There have been questions concerning this conference. Lacrosse has been out shadowed by basketball. Basketball has been this conference’s “bread and butter.” Lacrosse has been a new sport in recent years for these schools.

I believe if all of these schools agree on a solution, lacrosse would grow into a sport that many would like. As the sky changes, so does the decisions that these schools will make. Since the departure of Rutgers, Syracuse, and Notre Dame this conference has been struggling to find schools that will take their place. As of late, this conference has been disfigured and thrown to the wolves.

They had lost their television coverage and a lot of fans lost interest in this. Something big needs to happen to grasp the interest of fans and viewers. If a solution is not found by 2014, we are looking at the end of this program. The Big East needs to be the “Beast in the East” If they can established that nickname in Lacrosse, I believe they have a shot to win over the hearts of firm believers. They just need a chance to show the world, that this sport is equivalent to basketball.

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