What Went Wrong for Swarm in 2014?

May 2, 2014

The Minnesota Swarm finished last in the East with a 4-14 record this season, giving them a win percentage of .222. Needless to say, they did not meet expectations this year, having owned at the draft and having made a good playoff run last year. For those who have been listening to me all season, I’m not going to say anything new here, but in case you’ve missed it, let’s…


NLL League Leaders Week 15

April 16, 2014

As the season winds down, here’s the standings. Garrett Billings is on his second week out with injury but continues to lead in points with 101. Cody Jamieson picked up seven points to remain second with 96. Behind him in third is Shawn Evans with 92; Evans picked up four points over the weekend. Dane Dobbie had two goals to bring his lead in that category to 47. In the…


NLL League Leaders: Snider Close to 200 FO Wins

March 19, 2014

After being out a month and a half, Adam Jones has slipped out of the top five for goals. Garrett Billings remains at the top, having jumped up to 82 points with another 12 this week. Cody Jamieson has taken over the number two spot with 71, earning 17 points in a pair of games over the weekend. John Grant Jr. remains third; he garnered six points to bring his…


NLL League Leaders Week 10: Billings, Doyle, Bold

March 4, 2014

Guess What? Adam Jones is still third in goals. POINTS Garrett Billings had 12 points this week to bring his total to 70 for the top spot in overall points. Behind him, is Shawn Evans, having added eight points for 59. John Grant Jr. holds onto the third spot with 57; he added one goal and three assists this week. Dane Dobbie added another four goals this weekend, bringing his…


NLL League Leaders Week 9

February 26, 2014

Two months into the season, let’s see how things stack up. Garrett Billings moves from the third spot to the first spot in the league lead in points with the addition of nine points this week, taking his total to 58. Following behind him in second is last week’s leader, John Grant Jr. with 53; the Mammoth had a bye week this past week. In third place is Shawn Evans…


Swarm Rookies Struggling to Find Scoring Touch

February 22, 2014

Photo Credit: Dan Brodie The Minnesota Swarm has struggled with offense and scoring this season, and as a result has only garnered one win.  While very few players on the team are lighting up the scoreboard so far this season, they drafted several highly touted rookies with high draft picks.   There was a lot of focus on these picks going into the season, and while not many players are scoring…


NLL League Leaders Week Eight: Mammoth Have Good Week

February 18, 2014

After two weeks out, Adam Jones still holds the lead in goals. John Grant Jr. took his point total from 45 to 53 to maintain the top spot in points. Rhys Duch has moved into second place; the Stealth forward added 15 points in two games over the weekend to bring his total to 50. Despite the addition of five points, Garrett Billings dropped to the third spot at 49….


NLL Preview: Stealth at Mammoth

The Vancouver Stealth will travel to Colorado tonight to take on the Mammoth in their fourth meeting of the season. This is the final time these teams will meet. The game is tonight at 9:00 ET at the Pepsi Center in Denver.   Colorado has won two of the matchups and Vancouver has won one; each game has been decided by one goal. For the Mammoth, Adam Jones is out…

February 14, 2014

NLL League Leaders: Jones Injury Shakes Things Up

With Adam Jones out with injury, the league leaders will likely take on a new look in the coming weeks. With five points added in his last game over the weekend, John Grant Jr. takes over the top spot in points.  Garrett Billings of the Toronto Rock follows with 44; he added 12 points last game to jump up. Adam Jones drops to third due to sitting out with injury,…

February 12, 2014

NLL League Leaders Week 6

The more things change, the more things stay the same: Adam Jones once again holds the lead in points, this week with 40; he is tied however with teammate, John Grant Jr. In second and third spots are Wings teammates, Jordan Hall and Kyle Buchanan with 36 and 35 points, respectively. Jones continues the lead in goals with 25. Rhys Duch takes second place with 18, followed by Grant Jr….

February 3, 2014