Baker: Week Four Action Full of Excitement

May 5, 2015

The most prominent storyline this weekend without a doubt was Paul Rabil’s and Mike Stone’s return to Boston as New York Lizards while Max Seibald faced his former teammates. Having played in Boston many years ago, I received a crash course on the New York versus Boston sports rivalry.  Having played at Auburn I thought I knew about deep rooted rivalries.  After all, I believed that Boston and New York…


Back It Up! First Team to One Hundred Wins

April 28, 2015

Week three provided some intriguing storylines as well as entertaining games.  Chesapeake won its one hundredth game, the first MLL team to reach this milestone.  Florida attempted a comeback in this game with backup goalie Adam Fullerton but fell short.  The loss leaves the Launch 0-2 and with more questions now than ever before.  Boston almost failed in their comeback bid and their hundred victory milestone must wait till next…


MLL: Three of a Kind and a Few of Many

April 21, 2015

Down by four goals in the fourth quarter and your goalie has over twenty saves.  There is another save and he takes a pass back from one of his defensemen and carries the ball into the other team’s zone and dishes it.  Typical hustle play in a tough game to try and shift momentum and close the gap and win.  Except the goalie cuts to the goal after dishing the…


Getting a Grip On Opening Weekend in MLL

April 14, 2015

View image | Opening weekend is in the books and it provided us some fun games and a glimpse into what the season holds.  The grippy ball is back in use and this much anticipated return makes the two point shot more achievable.  In an effort to make the ball more visible to the television audience last year, the MLL switched for the textured “grippy” ball to a smoother…


2015 MLL Team by Team Previews

April 11, 2015

As the MLL season approaches we are all wrapped up in the anticipation of our favorite team proving their hard work in the offseason propels them to a championship.  The offseason workouts, draft picks, coaching strategies and lucky bounces will land fortunate fans the privilege and joy of claiming their team is the best. All regular season games are carried on ESPN3 and the playoffs and championship games will be…


Baker: Lacrosse Is a Sport Divided

April 8, 2015

Many of my friends ask me how I can compare the brief history of the MLL to other more established sports leagues.  Perhaps it is my love of lacrosse and their lack of familiarity with the sport that has us at such divergent views.  The “traditional” sports fan friends tell me that football, basketball, and baseball are American institutions while lacrosse is a sport reserved for boarding school cream puffs…


Remaking the Mold: MLL Players Giving Back to the Sport

March 31, 2015

Working in the restaurant business has ups and downs, much like any other job.  This past week had more of the latter with one of the other managers covering a shift at another location, last minute schedule changes, cold weather and rain shutting down the deck, and the realization that all of this cut into my usual writing time.  After a certain amount of self pity and I hate my…


Baker: In MLL Pick Your Spot…Carefully

March 24, 2015

In my last column I discussed how the foundation of Major League Lacrosse provided field players with the opportunity to play professionally after graduation.  The league is entering its fourteenth season despite naysayers predicting the dissolution every year.  Fourteen years may appear to be the miniscule compared to the history of the NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB.  The MLL proves that it is the league that just will not fold….


Baker: Journey Towards MLL

March 17, 2015

This is my first column about the MLL and since every journey starts with a single step it seems fitting to start at the beginning of the league. The league was founded by Jake Steinfeld, Dave Morrow, and Tim Robertson seemingly out of thin air and will power.  These gentlemen pulled together and even though it took three years before the first official season they never gave up and the…


Hoffman Blog: Black Wolves Camp Opens with Intensity

November 19, 2014

Friday: It was Friday after lunch and I was ready to get out of work for the weekend.  Big plus, I get to play some lacrosse as the New England Black Wolves open training camp.  I made it down to Philly airport for an evening flight.  This time, it wasn’t quite the same. Instead of the normal 8-10 person Philly group, there were three of us. We chatted casually and…