MLL Teams Making Moves Prior to Expansion

September 15, 2015

Last week MLL teams announced their 23 man protected rosters as coaches protected their core players before trimming down to the 12 man protected list prior to the Atlanta Blaze picking their first draft.  This week we are looking at some of the players that were released.  With an expansion team many of these players will find a spot on a roster.  The talent available in this round has some…


One on One With Tomahawk Shades

September 13, 2015

Stepping outside the box and want to welcome Tomahawk Shades, an MLL sponsor, and say thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. First off can you introduce the people behind Tomahawk Shades to the ILWT readers? – Behind the scenes are myself (Andrew Shapiro) and my twin brother and partner Ryan Shapiro. We like to consider ourselves the Tomahawk Twins Your company has an…


One on One With the World Lacrosse Foundation

September 12, 2015

Andrew Baker: First and foremost introductions are in order.  Besides Casey Powell who is The World Lacrosse Foundation (WLF) leadership and key players? Lew Hamilton: Well, the WLF Board of Advisers is a small group of like-minded individuals bent on helping people really get more out of life through the power of sport—specifically our sport, lacrosse. Our Board is entirely populated with biographies of how lacrosse has positively affected a person’s…


One on One With Boston Cannons GM Kevin Barney

August 19, 2015

I would like to welcome Kevin Barney the Vice President and General Manager of the Boston Cannons. First and foremost thank you for taking time to answer our questions today. You have a very impressive New England sports background with the Patriots and the revolution. What drew you to the MLL? I became a lacrosse fan at Springfield College. They won the DIII National Championship my freshman year and I…


One on One With Florida Launch’s Megan Danner

August 13, 2015

Thank you making time in your schedule for this interview. How did you get involved in MLL lacrosse? Auburn University is not exactly a hotbed. What drew you to the sport? I was put on this path mainly due to luck and connections. I was one of the very lucky few graduating college that had a job in place at the time thanks to the economy. This job with Brock Communications pointed me towards…


MLL: Championship Weekend Puts Rivals Into Battle

August 7, 2015

Championship week is finally here and it leaves one asking how the season went by so quickly, but the result is the Rochester Rattlers face the New York Lizards for the Steinfeld Cup.  This week’s conference call featured John Galloway of Rochester as well as Head Coach Joe Spallina and Greg Gurenlian of the New York Lizards.  First and foremost I want to thank those gentlemen as well as Mark…


New York State of Mind Theme for MLL Championship

August 4, 2015

Ohio and Rochester met for the second time in two years to determine who would advance to Championship Weekend.  Both the Rattlers and the Machine possess powerful offenses that can go on runs and put points on the board at an amazing clip.  It was the defenses however that dominated this matchup as the Rattlers won 12-8.  The sound of stick on pad and flesh filled the air in Selby…


Bitter Sweet End to MLL Regular Season

July 28, 2015

The end of any regular season often brings multiple emotions of excitement, anticipation, disappointment and questioning.  The top four teams see the fruits of their success as they move on to the playoffs and the other teams look back to see where they went off the track in their quest for the Steinfeld Cup.  As fans we are excited for the playoffs, but find ourselves wondering where the season went….


Defenses Get More Physical as Regular Season Winds Down

July 21, 2015

With the regular season winding down and the playoff teams already determined it would be safe to assume that this past week’s games would fall into nicely wrapped packages.  In most leagues that would definitely be the case, but this is the MLL we are talking about and things are far from ordinary or normal.  Defenses dominated this weekend and more physical play than normal abounded.  Boston rebounded from last…


MLL: Individual Performances Abound as Playoff Spots are Secured

July 14, 2015

As this weekend’s games concluded, New York, Ohio and Rochester all clinched playoff berths while Boston stumbled on its quest to make the postseason.  New York came out hot against a Denver squad that struggled in its past two games.  The Lizards defeated the Outlaws 18-15 but the game was not as close as the score indicated.  Even with the return of Anthony Kelly and Geoff Snider to the lineup,…