Sabertooths Leaving Options Open

The Colorado Sabertooths dominated the Midwest Indoor Lacrosse Association this season and it ended with a Championship title against the defending Grand Rapids Dragonfish. After such a dominant season, the question for the Sabertooths is, what’s next?

“I am not sure what is next for the Sabertooths.” said owner Matt Ogden. “We are lead by 2 excellent coaches, Langtry and Gallant, and we have a very talented team.  The organization is strong and we are leaving our options open.  For now, we are going to enjoy the rewards of all our hard work.  The future is bright for the Colorado Sabertooths.

“The Colorado Sabertooths dominated the 2012 season because of our coaching.” continues Ogden. “Our coaching was superior and extremely elite.  When you are lead by one of the greatest scorers in NLL history, Brian Langtry and a 11 year NLL veteran and former defenseman of the year, John Gallant, you have distinct advantages.  I believe our talent depth was  greater than any team we faced and our transition defense was phenomenal. The passion Brian brings to any team in an immeasurable advantage.

“Steve Govett and Robert Hamley, Mammoth GM and Head coach, taught me a tremendous amount about the game from another point of view.  I am very grateful to Steve and Bob.”

Colorado played just one home game all season, when they blew out the Chicago Outlaws. Some wonder if the Sabertooths are too high a level for the MILA after beating every team by more than five goals.

“We were very disappointed when the championship game was postponed.” says Ogden. “However, Russ King from the Dragonfish and I both knew we needed to play each other.  Co-champions was not a reasonable option.  Russ was gracious in accommodating our travel dates.  I was relieved when the championship was finally scheduled.”

The future of the Sabertooths may be up in the air, but they proved themselves to be a very good lacrosse team.